Pure art arises out of a need for ordening


A work of pure art must provoke an emotion of geometric order.


The haphazard is the opposite of pure art.


Pure art answers only to the laws of art.


A work of pure art is the rigorous expression of a rigorous concept.


A work of pure art should be perceived as a whole and not piecemeal.


Pure art is not figurative.


Pure art is not narrative: it does not need to tell stories nor present facts.


Pure art eschews the strange and the original.


Pure art is not utilitarian: it is not decoration, propaganda, protest

or self-promotion.


Pure art is impersonal and objective.


Pure art is not an affirmation of authorship or individualism.


Pure art rejects all that can be better expressed by other means.


Pure art is based on compositional rigour in terms of form and pure colour.


A work of pure art derives from physical reality and is not an arbitrary

conjuncture of form and colour.


Pure art rejects technical virtuosity.


Pure art is metaphysical austerity.